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Indian Vegetarian Cooking Recipes

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Indian Vegetarian Recipes -

Jean and Graham Beven the owners and webmasters for are a well travelled couple and first encountered true Indian vegetarian dishes whilst travelling in southern India and Goa.

Jean regularly cooks Indian vegetarian food at home using adaptations of traditional Indian vegetarian recipes passed down from old friends or from other recipes.

Indian vegetarian cooking recipes involve, avoiding the involvement of meat, poultry, fish, and animal by-products but generally allow the use of milk based ingredients such as cream, butter or ghee, yogurt etc. Eggs are also part of many Indian vegetarian's diet.

In general Indian cuisine offers a wide range of vegetarian delicacies because Hinduism, practiced by majority of India's populace, encourages a vegetarian diet. Some other religions prevalent in India also require respecting the use of animals as food to some degree, so to be on the safe side we would consider the vegetarian option as a safe option in the vast majority of cases. Only a couple of strict Indian religions sects deny the use of plant roots or tubas as this involves killing the plant!

Food labeling is mandatory throughout India to distinguish vegetarian products (green spot in a green square) from non-vegetarian products (brown spot in a brown square).



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